Name of activity/title  The Bridge
Domain/action Domain 3: Contribution to developing innovations and businesses
– Structures for innovation- driven research

Domain 4: Enhancing the quality of innovation and entrepreneurial education
– Innovation and entrepreneurial curricula
– Internship in businesses
Goal of activity/short summary  The Bridge is a unique long-term and strategic partnership agreement between Linnaeus University and Södra and IKEA.  The focus is on research and education in forestry, innovation and sustainability through a partnership between university and industry. The aim is to bridge the academic and entrepreneurial world by dynamic exchange and creation of new knowledge.  The ambition is to bring new perspectives, breakthrough innovations and mutual benefit and thereby strengthen the regional competitiveness and increase international visibility.
Type of stakeholders involved University, industry
Description how conducted Industry partners contribute to program and course development, the lectures, thesis opportunities, projects to provide students with practical experience, industry specific knowledge and skills. Industry funding and collaboration with the university for multidisciplinary and cutting-edge research
Resources required (if relevant) Funding from industry and university. Industry input and expertise to the education.
Lessons learned/success factors High quality education with a close relationship between students and industry. Innovations and research for new applications of wood in order to reduce the use of virgin, fossil materials and replace them with renewable bio-based alternatives. Development of innovative technologies in order to utilize wood in sustainable ways. Broad perspectives that combine social, economic and environmental aspects to bring solutions to mitigate climate change and build resilience.  
Time period (if relevant) Long term collaboration.
Link (if relevant)
Partner who submitted the practice Linnaeus University
Key words Forestry industry, strategic partnerships, innovation education, employment opportunities, real-life challenges