Name of activity/titleInnovation challenges in education
Domain/actionDomain 4: Enhancing the quality of innovation and entrepreneurial education
– Innovation and entrepreneurial curricula
– Training programs and mentoring schemes
Goal of activity/short summaryStudents work with an innovation project connected with a challenge stated by a food related enterprise
Type of stakeholders involvedStudents, enterprises, university
Description how conductedAn innovation project is integrated into specific courses. Enterprises are contacted to provide a reality based innovation challenge for the students to work with in a larger project. The process includes supervision by a firm representative and comprises the whole innovation process from searching opportunities-selecting-implementing and capturing value. 
Resources required (if relevant)Contacts with enterprises that are willing to contribute their time, course time
Lessons learned/success factorsThe enterprises need to give a challenge that is not too vague. Also, the representatives from the firms need to be available at least a couple of occassions to make the task possible to solve for the students. Both firms and students have appreciated the interaction and mutual learning that has evolved from the collaborations. The “real life” setting inspirers students to make a really good work.
Time period (if relevant)From 2019 ongoing
Link (if relevant)Podcast (only in Swedish): SLU Future Food 21. Om innovation och utbildning som game changer för hållbar livsmedelsproduktion
Partner who submitted the practiceSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Key wordsTeaching for innovation and entrepreneurship