Name of activity/title  Research lunches – Digibrunch
Domain/action Domain 1: Fostering institutional engagement and change
– Multi-disciplinary support structures
Domain 3: Contribution to developing innovations and businesses Action:
– Structures for creating start-ups
– Structures for innovation- driven research
Goal of activity/short summary  A meeting place for contacts and cooperation between Videum Science Park and  Linnaeus University
Type of stakeholders involved University, industry, support structures.
Open invitation to companies and researcher at university.
Description how conducted Regular lunches with industry and university representatives for networking, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. Lunches are organized for presentations and discussion on current topics, include speakers from industry and university sharing their current projects, practices, research results. 
Resources required (if relevant) Meeting spaces and costs for lunches
Lessons learned/success factors Regular meetings (5-10 meetings a year).
Exciting speakers and open invitation ensure good attendance
Time period (if relevant) Ongoing
Link (if relevant)  
Partner who submitted the practice Linnaeus University
Key words Networking, innovation brokers