Call for participation in the fall 2024 program

NOBALIS partners are inviting the students and student-staff teams working on an food and biotech related ideas to the NOBALIS Entrepreneurial and Innovation Capacity Development (EICD) programme for food, biotechnology and bioresource start-ups in the spring of 2024.

For whom?

Student and student staff teams from the NOBALIS partner institutions:

  • Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU),
  • Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMÜ),
  • Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technology (LBTU),
  • Linnaeus University (LNU)
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).


2- 5 people teams.

The program will offer an opportunity to find a team.


The programme supports the development of the initial ideas related to new products/services in food, biotech and biotechnology towards valid business models. The program will take place over 3 month period combining joint online sessions and events in the each university.

  • Hackathon and Matchmaking event on March 6th at 13- 17 CET: ideation and preliminary development of initial ideas and team formulation (online)
  • Mentoring programme: teams receive mentoring and go through 3 intense development days focused on sustainable product development and MVP, sales and marketing, fundraising (public and private), pitching skills.
    • Preliminary schedule (online sessions):
      • Session 1: March 20th 13- 16 CET
      • Session 2: April 3rd 13- 16 CET
      • Session 3: April 17th 13- 16 CET
  • Demo Day: on May 2nd 14- 17 CET. Teams will pitch to an international jury.


  • €1000 prize to the best team + prizes from each university to their best teams
  • Hands on support for developing a business idea
  • Great international mentors in business and product development, marketing and sales, and other fields relevant to participating teams
  • Help with IP management, prototyping facilities & tools and building contacts with investors and industry

How to participate

Register for Idea Hackathon by February 21st at this link

Check out the leaflet.