Name of activity/title
Domain /actionDomain 3: Contribution to developing innovations and businesses
– Structures for creating start-ups
– Structures for innovation- driven research
Goal of activity/short summary  Database of innovations available for licensing. Combines research and utility as provides the link between the ideas and results from academia to the market. Companies can search and find the innovations developed by academia.
Type of stakeholders involved Innovators, start-ups, universities (Karlstad University, Linnaeus University, Mid Sweden University, Örebro University)
Description how conducted Innovators, researcher submit their ideas to a data base. The database is searchable for potential entrepreneurs to look for ideas to turn in to start-ups
Resources required (if relevant) A web site
Lessons learned/success factors N/A
Time period (if relevant) Ongoing
Link (if relevant)  
Partner who submitted the practice Linnaeus University
Key words Innovation, licensing, startups, support structures