Name of activity/titleNetwork breakfast or Greenspiration hour  
Domain/actionsDomain 2: Strengthening partnerships
– New collaborations
– Exchange of good practices
Goal of activity/short summaryRegular networking meetings with the goal of stimulating innovation environment. These events are based on the needs and wants of the members of the Green Innovation Park network.
 Type of stakeholders involvedEnterprises, university staff (primarilyresearchers), students.
Description how conductedThe Greenspiration hour is arranged regularly (weekly meeting). Prominent researchers, innovators and representatives from the industry are invited to inspire and share their experiences in an informal way in this regular morning meeting.
Resources required (if relevant)Facilities to organize the meetings (physical or digital), breakfast and contact networks for different industries.
Lessons learned/success factorsSuccessful implementation requires active communication with industry and network members. Students should have the possibility to participate.  
Time period (if relevant)From 2019 every week
Link (if relevant) (only in Swedish)
Partner who submitted the practiceSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Key wordsNetworking, inspiration industry partnership