Name of activity/title “From Idea to Success” –breakfast meetings showcasing successful/promising research driven innovations from Campus Ås.
Domain/actionDomain 2: Strengthening partnerships
– Exchange of good practices
Domain 3: Contribution to developing innovations and businesses
– Structures for innovation- driven research  
Goal of activity/short summaryThe meetings aim to showcase how research results can be/have been taken into use by relevant stakeholders. The program contains one or two presentations from research and innovation projects, and one or two presentations from stakeholders interested in the results/that have taken results into use.   Each meeting has a different thematic focus (e.g. forestry, antibiotic resistance, drone technology etc.), targeting different audience. The goal is to sided; i) to raise interest/awareness for innovation among HEI employees, and ii) increase the interest/awareness for cooperation with the HEI among all stakeholders.
 Type of stakeholders involvedStudents, academics, non-academics, external audiences such as enterprises, entrepreneurship and innovation support structures, public sector, media
Description how conductedThe program is put together once per semester by the innovation support system at Campus Ås (TTO office Ard Innovation, Aggrator Incubator Ås, NMBU Research Support Office). Communication of the event is supported by the Communication Department at NMBU and the Norwegian Life Science Cluster. Normally 2-3 meetings per semester. It is possible to attend the meetings through streaming.
Resources required (if relevant)Meeting room and budget for simple breakfast.   Network and overview of relevant speakers. Channels to communicate the event.  
Lessons learned/success factorsSuccessful implementation requires that the program is well designed, preferably showing how a specific project will/can make/have made an impact in the society.  Effectful and targeted communication of the event is also important to attract the right audience for good discussions and networking.
Time period (if relevant)From 2018
Link (if relevant) 
Partner who submitted the practiceNorwegian University of Life Sciences
Key wordsInnovation network, Industry partnership,