Name of activity/titleDNA of a businessman
Domain/actionDomain 2: Strengthening partnerships
– Exchange of good practice

Domain 4: Enhancing the quality of innovation and entrepreneurial education
– Innovation and entrepreneurial curricula
Goal of activity/short summaryAnnual event in which students meet entrepreneurs from different sectors, get to know their experience in business and work together in creating new business ideas and/or innovations.
 Type of stakeholders involvedUniversities, enterprises, students
Description how conductedOrganized once in a year during a Spring semester. Event takes one day when students pre-apply for participation in the event. The event has three parts: 1) meeting and discussion with entrepreneurs about their experience in business, successfulness conditions and difficulties; 2) master classes in groups with entrepreneurs in creating a business, planning its development and solving problem-cases; 3) group presentations of the result from master classes.
Resources required (if relevant)Several rooms for discussions, presentations and parallel master classes. Contact network with entrepreneurs from different sectors.
Lessons learned/success factorsStrong network with enterprises are needed for selecting both – lecturers and sponsors for the event. Successful implementation asks long-term communication with students and preparing their interaction and participation in the event
Time period (if relevant)Annual
Link (if relevant)
Partner who submitted the practiceLatvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies
Key wordsExperience exchange, problem-solving, master classes