Name of activity/titleCreate-prepare-test the business idea
Domain/actionDomain 4: Enhancing the quality of innovation and entrepreneurial education
– Innovation and entrepreneurial curricula
Goal of activity/short summaryThe aim of the activity is to develop students’ competences in just not only creating a business idea, but also preparing its prototype and testing it, for getting know the process of making innovation in a practical way.
 Type of stakeholders involvedUniversities, lecturers, students.
Description how conductedEach semester as a part of study course “Innovations in a business” students work in groups and prepare a business idea, by developing the idea of a new product, making its prototype and also providing its testing process in a part of the target audience.
Resources required (if relevant)Interaction between students, lecturers and study program directors.
Lessons learned/success factorsThe create-prepare-test process of a new product is included as a part of requirements in the study course, that way ensuring the participation of all students.
Time period (if relevant)Ongoing
Link (if relevant)
Partner who submitted the practiceLatvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies
Key wordsInnovative product, idea testing