Name of activity/titleStudent fair
Domain/actionDomain 4: Enhancing the quality of innovation and entrepreneurial education
– Internship in businesses
Goal of activity/short summaryAnnual event, aim of which is to create direct contacts between students, enterprises and university, offer opportunities for enterprises to introduce themselves, their activity and industry to the students. Each year on average 40- 50 enterprises participate. The fair combines enterprises’ information boards, workshops and presentations by   enterprises.
 Type of stakeholders involvedEnterprises, department of academic affairs, student council, internship supervisors, students.
Description how conductedOrganized once a year in the facilities of the university. Fair is scheduled for March in order to provide students and graduating students opportunities for finding internship places and jobs for the summer.  
Resources required (if relevant)Facilities to organize fair. Contact networks for different industries. Student volunteers. 
Lessons learned/success factorsSuccessful implementation requires active communication with industry. Students and student council should have active role in organizing the fair, inviting the industry, planning the workshop and events to make the fair relevant for them and provide learning opportunities.  
Time period (if relevant)Annual since 2014
Link (if relevant) 
Partner who submitted the practiceEstonian University of Life Sciences
Key wordsInternship, students, industry partnership, education,